Some people think that dangerous/extreme sports should be banned, while others disagree. Do you agree or disagree?

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Essay Answer | Some people think that dangerous/extreme sports should be banned

While a certain proportion of the public may believe that dangerous sports should not be allowed, others consider there is no need for such restrictions to be applied.

Personally, the fact that all sport is optional and anyone participating in a ‘dangerous sport’ does so of their own free will suggests that it is not an activity which needs to restricted or prohibited.

There are obvious reasons why dangerous sports are popular among many people. They offer excitement and the opportunity for people to see something different in terms of entertainment. It is also true that the participants in such sports are usually extremely competitive and have trained extensively in order to take part in such events.

The argument that because of their dangerous nature they should be banned is an invalid one, as there are numerous cases of other athletes suffering injuries and even death while taking part in sports and other activities which many people would not normally consider as dangerous. There have been soccer players who have collapsed on the field, and there are certainly more injuries in sports like American football and Rugby than in some of the more extreme and presumably dangerous sports such as bungee jumping, cliff diving and others of a similar nature.

One could even argue that more people are injured or killed driving their cars every year in many countries than there are athletes who suffer minor or fatal injuries through participating in dangerous sports.

Whether a sport is considered dangerous or not is for the individual participant to contemplate before taking their decision to train for it or enter in a particular event. There is really no need for any kind of formal restriction on such activities as participation is never mandatory or forced.

Would you agree or disagree that some dangerous/extreme sports should be banned?

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