Talk about a vehicle you are planning to buy in the future | IELTS Speaking Topic & Answer

Talk about a vehicle that you would like to buy in the future.

You should say:
  • which vehicle it is
  • why you like it
  • If you intend to buy this vehicle in the future
and explain what purpose you would use this vehicle for.

Describe a vehicle you would like to buy

One vehicle I’d like to buy is a Porsche 911 (nine eleven). I think it’s one of the most famous cars – it’s a modern classic, with a lot of history. It’s a two-door sports coupe made by Porsche AG of Stuttgart in Germany. It has a very distinctive design, which hasn’t changed much over the years since it was first introduced back in 1963.

I like this particular car because of its classic design – it looks like I think a car should look, and obviously its performance – it’s so fast. It’s not at all practical if you have a family or things like that, but it’s great fun to drive – a really thrilling experience. I tried one a few years ago at a promotional racing event and it was a truly amazing ride; something that I’ll never forget.

Maybe in the future if everything goes well I’ll treat myself and buy one – in silver. I think it’s a good color for a Porsche, kind of classy and sophisticated without being pretentious. It’s something I’d like to do within the next 5 years or so – and then take it touring in maybe France or Italy. I really love driving and cars have always been a passion of mine, so It’d be the perfect way to spend a couple of weeks – travelling around, visiting some interesting places, while enjoying the car too.

Like I said before it’s maybe not the most economical car, or practical for every day use, but I guess I’d probably use it as often as I could – when it’s convenient. It’s too much fun to keep it stored in the garage all the time – it’s a bit like good food – it has to be used to be enjoyed and appreciated.

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Talk about a vehicle you would like to buy

Buying a car should always be a very thoughtful decision.

Are you a driver who is considering buying a new car? Then, you should take into account a series of considerations to enjoy the best guarantees of success in purchasing a vehicle. This is a quick guide to be a good car buyer.

Car type

The SUVs (sports utility vehicles) are still fashionable ... but there are also alternatives. The choice in the SUV market is as comprehensive as it is varied and there is a model for almost any type of buyer.

This does not mean that you should ignore other equally valid options. It is essential to analyze the needs to be covered by the vehicle, the main use that is going to be given, of course also the aesthetic and technological features.

Only when you have considered all these factors will it be time to make a final decision, which should be as rational as possible and irrespective of general market trends or hype.

Choosing the type of fuel

It is evident that the model of urban mobility is undergoing a transformation. Therefore, it is understandable that more and more drivers are hesitant about the type of fuel which they should opt for their new car. Will diesel continue to be permitted in big cities? Is it worth buying a hybrid or even an electric car today?

Moment of purchase

Sometimes the purchase of a car is an urgent matter. In the opposite case, when it is possible to plan, it is important to choose the most appropriate moment. The prices are not always the same throughout the year, even over a month, the rates recommended by the manufacturers can be altered by specific objectives or strategies of each seller, so it is advisable to find the most advantageous moment to perform the operation.

Comparing prices and dates for new model launches, etc. is essential to get the best price for the vehicle you would like to buy. Every detail must be analyzed in detail.

Always compare

Always compare the prices offered by different vendors/car dealers, there may be significant differences between them. In the big cities it is enough to go to several of the same brand to request a quote; in areas where this practice is unfeasible in person, it is always possible to request a price by telephone or online through the vendor’s website. On many occasions, a trip to another city or even province to close the operation is more than justified by the savings it brings.

Launch calendar

It is very frustrating to acquire a brand-new car ... that becomes obsolete in a few months by the launch of an updated version or even a new generation of the model. These additions to the market are easy to know at present through the press. We can check what the useful life of the car may be, considering that, on average, renewal takes place every four years for most vehicles. And if we are not particularly attracted to being up-to-date, we should not ignore the issue since it serves to obtain a more advantageous price for the available units that are going to be outdated.

Choosing the right equipment

The final sale price of a car can increase in a worrying form in certain cases depending on its level of equipment. Obviously, security should not be spared, everything that is invested in this regard will increase the protection of the occupants of the vehicle. More consideration can be given to other elements of comfort or technology.

Of course, most drivers like to enjoy all the advantages that the latest technological automotive devices offer, but are you really going to use them all? Is it worth spending more for something that you do not really value as much as you might believe in principle? The smart thing is to pay for what you need, not for what they want to sell you. The equipment level should meet your needs.

Auto financing options

To allocate the amount of money required to buy a new car is usually a big challenge for most car buyers. Few people have the necessary liquidity to make a cash payment for the full purchase price of a car, and most buyers resort to financing options. It is essential to carry out a detailed study of the different available car financing options, their advantages and disadvantages, the commitments they entail, the financial conditions, etc.

The most common is to resort to the financing of the brands themselves, although there are also those people who opt for a bank loan, and every day there are more and more drivers opting to lease their vehicles rather than buying them outright; a very valid alternative if it meets your needs.

Warranty conditions

The new car warranty has become an important trademark claim among many buyers. Undoubtedly, it produces greater peace of mind knowing that the period of protection against possible defects can extend to five or even seven years. However, following the process of thorough analysis before purchasing a new car, it is essential to know exactly what the actual coverage of the guarantee is, the commitments it demands, and the rest of the terms and conditions related to the warranty, which are not always provided by the manufacturer or brand itself but by third parties.