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Talk about an unusual activity | IELTS Cue Card Speaking Answer

An unusual activity – well – yes, last month I tried Zorbing for the first time – you know it’s when you get inside a big transparent ball and roll down a hill.

It’s not so common here, but I was out with some friends and we came across a place where some kids were doing it – so we decided to give it a go.

It was really strange at first – but good – once you learn to just relax and go with the motion of the ball – it’s more fun – instead of trying to stay upright – you just fall all over the place – hilarious it was – my friends and I all tried it.

We were kind of curious – just to see what it was like and so we could say that we’d tried it at least once.

One of them did it with water inside the ball which was even more hilarious – he came out at the end looking as if he had just stepped out of the shower – it’s strange because when you’re watching other people doing it you think that the Zorb or the ball isn’t moving very fast – you know it all looks like quite slow.

But when you’re actually inside the thing – it’s like everything is out of control and moving faster than you can think - really an unforgettable experience – and I think we all thoroughly enjoyed it – we’ll probably go back and do it again another day and take some more people with us so they can try it out.

I would recommend everyone to try zorbing once – when we were there there was even a guy about 65 who tried it – and he had the time of his life – he was with his grandchildren and they videoed the whole thing – good for him.

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