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Do you want to improve your IELTS speaking skills?

By studying an IELTS speaking sample answer you will be able to see a good example of how to respond to the question and also learn some useful vocabulary related to the IELTS speaking topics.

Click on the link under the image to download the audio MP3 and PDF transcript for a full IELTS Speaking Test. You can see the questions here.

Many IELTS candidates have a problem with the speaking part of the IELTS test because they are just not familiar with talking about some of the IELTS speaking topics.

Candidates can sometimes experience a ‘blank moment’ and not know what to say, simply because they have not had enough practice expressing their opinions about IELTS speaking topics.

What you should look for in an IELTS speaking sample answer

When you read through an IELTS speaking sample answer you should pay attention to:
  • the way the speaker organizes their ideas in the response
  • how the speaker connects different ideas together when responding
  • any specialized vocabulary related to that particular topic

What you can learn from an IELTS speaking sample answer

Using an IELTS speaking sample answer to help you prepare for the IELTS test is an excellent way of helping you to:
  • improve your own IELTS speaking skills
  • get an idea of how to extend your own answers
  • become familiar with some of the typical IELTS speaking topics
  • improve your chance of a better IELTS speaking score

A good IELTS speaking sample answer will have responses that are the correct length, not too short and not too long. In part 1, a typical response is about three or four good sentences. In part 2, the response should be enough to fill the maximum two minute speaking time allowed in the IELTS speaking test.

In part 3, the language used in the IELTS speaking sample answer should be more complex and include different ways of expressing possibility, probability and conditional situations.

IELTS Speaking Tips

Don’t try to memorize an IELTS speaking sample answer, it won’t sound natural to the examiner, and you will probably be penalized. Instead, use sample answers to help you organise your own ideas and learn some useful vocabulary to improve your IELTS speaking skills.