Talk about a profession that can change the world | IELTS Speaking Question & Answer

Talk about a profession | IELTS Speaking Test Part 2 Question

Talk about a profession that can change the world.

You should say:
  • Which profession is it?
  • Do you know anyone working in that profession?
  • Why would it change the world?
  • What do you think could make this job enjoyable?

IELTS Speaking Test Sample Answer | Talk about a profession

IELTS Talk about a profession that can change the world
I think that there are many professions that can impact on people’s lives in a positive way, but changing the world – well that’s another thing. I think at this moment in our history the professions that could be capable of changing the world are those related to technology and science.

There are so many ‘professions’ that it’s difficult to identify just one, such as Programmers, Engineers, and Research Scientists, etc. Another interesting thing is that being an inventor or entrepreneur, by many, is not considered as a profession – but these are some of the people who have genuinely changed the world.

For instance, if it wasn’t for Thomas Edison, we wouldn’t have the electric light bulb. If it hadn’t been for Henry Ford, the car wouldn’t have been available to the masses and America may well have developed in quite a different way, as a country.

The list is endless … Bill Gates and Microsoft, Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook, are two of the individuals who have changed our world in more recent years … each of them providing the world with something new and eventually impacting on the way that people and companies do things and in particular, communicate with each other. So what I’m really saying is that I think that anyone could have the ability to change our world and the way we live, not only someone with a ‘profession’.

I personally know some people who are working in technology design and the area of multimedia applications and I can already see the potential impact on the way we learn in the future – and that will eventually change the world as a whole.

The profound effect that technology has on the way we do things and the rapid adoption of new technology and gadgets, until they form part of our normal lives, is really amazing. As some people have said “if you’re not on Facebook – you don’t exist” and that, I think, shows just how fast our perception of things can change, especially for young people, who adopt these changes very easily. Sometime it’s a bit difficult for older people to really grasp the importance of the change – it’s something you have to live or experience.

Working on projects that have the potential to change the way we do things, the way we live, and the world our children will eventually live in must be something which gives a great amount of satisfaction. Although it may not seem very exciting or enjoyable on a daily basis, I’m sure that when they make major breakthroughs in technology or science they musty get a real kick out of it as they see it come to life and then be implemented commercially.

How would you answer this IELTS speaking test question? Which profession would you choose to talk about?