A childhood hobby | Band 9 IELTS sample speaking answer

IELTS speaking | Talk about a childhood hobby

IELTS Part 2 Topic Question

This is an example of a question often asked in Part 2 of the IELTS Speraking Test. You are given the question on a Cue Card and are allowed one minute to plan and prepare your answer.

You are then expected to talk about the topic on the card for one - two minutes.

At the end the IELTS examiner normally asks an additional question related to the topic, before moving onto the next section of the speaking test, Part 3.

Talk about a childhood hobby of yours.

You should say:
  • what hobby it was
  • how you developed this hobby
  • why you liked doing this
and how you enjoyed this hobby when you were a child.

Talk about a hobby you had as a chid | Band 9 IELTS Sample Answer

That's easy, I used to play sports - that was my hobby, and eventually it became my work. My favourite sport when I was a teenager was soccer. I used to play almost every day, sometimes just practicing and other times seriously in matches. I used to be part of a local team and we played one match during the week and another on Saturday mornings against other local teams. I was very good, but not good enough to play professionally. That was due to an injury I suffered; I damaged my knee after a motorcycle accident and although it's ok now it was never really as strong as it was before the accident, otherwise maybe I would have tried to become a professional soccer player here in Madrid.

I started playing soccer just like most kids here, in the street and at school. It was what we all did in our spare time for fun. I was better than most of the other kids so my father took me to a local soccer club one day to see the coach and let me do a trial for the team. That's when I started taking it more seriously and realised that I could train and become an even better player. I made some great friends in the years while I was playing there and in fact we still see each other now and again socially, although almost none of us play soccer anymore. I think I'm the only one of us who does anything sporty nowadays.

I liked playing soccer so much because I was good at it and because it's active and I get bored doing a lot of other things which are less dynamic. I was never very interested in studying at school, I wanted to be running around and doing things all the time. I think a lot of kids are like that though, it's nothing special. I find it a lot easier to study now because I can see that it's relevant to what I do everyday and I learn things that I can use with the people I work with and see the results.

I used to love soccer so much because when we won a match, the atmosphere was great and we all used to celebrate and feel good for a couple of days. I liked the competition I think, trying to be better than the other team and trying to play better than I played before. I'm still quite competitive now, though not as much as I was then.

If it hadn't been for my accident - who knows - maybe my childhood hobby would have led me to become a famous soccer player by now. But I don't mind, my work is good and I can still do most sports without any kind of problem, even play soccer now and again just for fun.

How would you answer this IELTS question, talk about a hobby you had as a child?

  • What was your childhood hobby?
  • What vocabulary would you use to describe it?
  • Could you talk about your hobby for 2 minutes?
  • Check out the Part 3 questions about hobbies for more practice.