Do Children Spend too Much Time on Computers? - IELTS Exam Task 2 Essay Question & Answer

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There are various reasons why many children spend hours every day using their computers or tablet devices, and the pros and cons of this are debatable. However, overall, it is a natural evolution as such devices and the associated technology in general are an integral part of everyday life in the 21st century.

Firstly, how much time children spend using such devices is somewhat subjective. Compared to adults who work with computers and utilise social media, the amount of time children actually spend in front of a screen might be considered much less. In addition, clearly children today spend far more time using these devices than children even just a generation ago, but this is simply a reflection of the times and the prevalence of technology in modern daily life.

Importantly, in order to have a future skilled workforce, children need to be exposed to the technology of the day and develop the associated skills and abilities in order to become productive members of society. Often older people equate spending time on a computer with wasting time, however, the truth is that apart from the fact that there are numerous educational apps for children, simply becoming proficient at navigating different sites and appreciating what is possible in terms of apps and software provides essential training for children. In the same way that books were once considered as a lens through which children could explore and learn about the world, computers provide a similar yet much more powerful lens to enable children to explore their environment.

However, as there has always been, there is a need for parental supervision in terms of the content that children have access to on such devices. Moreover, the current high level of dependency on computers by children for many functions should also not negate the need for the teaching of basic academic skills such as number theory, as this is still an essential building block of many other facets of life, and possible future educational and professional career paths.

Overall, there are more advantages to permitting children to explore and learn using computers and mobile devices and this should not be discouraged. However, it is only one aspect of childhood and should be seen in the broader context of child developmental activities.

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