An Exciting Message You Received - IELTS Cue Card Question & Answer

Talk about an exciting message that you have received by email or phone

You should say:
  • who sent it to you
  • what the message was about
  • who you shared it with
and explain how you felt about it.
IELTS Speaking Test

IELTS Speaking Sample Answer | An Exciting Message

Okay, so about a month ago my friend called me to let me know some important news. She has been accepted for a really interesting position at an international company. She is going to work in recruitment selection, I think they call it head hunting or executive search selection. She has been trying to get into this line of work for some time now, so I'm really happy for her because I know that she really wants to do this type of work.

We spent about two hours talking that evening, most of it was about her new job, but we also spoke about some other things. She was very excitied by the news and couldn't stop telling me how delighted she was to finally get such a position. Apparently she will have to do quite a bit of traveling, visiting clients and doing research as well as the competence tests with potential candidates for each position she has to fill.

I think it sounds like a good job for her because she likes interacting with people and doing different things rather than being stuck in the office all day doing just the same type of task all the time.

One of the reasons she was so excited was becasue the job she has at the moment sounds really boring. She is working in Human Resources but she is just doing the same interview process again and again.

I think this new job will be great for her. And I'm sure she'll be very good at it. Just after she called me she texted and tweeted the news to all her friends, including me again, so I didn't get chance to share the news with anyone else - she beat me to it!

How would you answer this IELTS speaking questions about an exciting message you received?