4 Tips to Improve and Increase Your Vocabulary in English

Words define the scope and depth of our understanding. Having a rich vocabulary in English is essential to master the language.

Learning new vocabulary will help you improve your speaking skills and understanding in English.

Here are the best tips to improve and increase your vocabulary in English to speak like a native.

4 tips to improve and increase your vocabulary in English

1. Make learning new words a priority

The process of learning and memorizing words must be constant, otherwise, the words you learn and do not use you will forget. Think that words are like seeds, if you don’t give them the proper care they die.

How to do it? Learn at least 5 new words every day. It is better that you learn and memorize words little by little so that you try to memorize a large amount each day. Or set a goal, for example, to learn the 500 most common words used by native English speakers.

This is a basic rule of learning because the brain in an hour of rest assimilates new connections and is ready to learn more.

You can identify new words in material that you usually read in English. For example, the news, blogs, academic texts, etc. Have a good English dictionary you can use.

2. Learn practical vocabulary

Start with vocabulary which you can use to express what is most important to you. For example, vocabulary related to your profession, occupation or hobbies.

If you want to learn vocabulary about the sport you practice, identify the most used words in the rules and training.

How to do it? Memories are connections. To make sure you do not forget a word, associate it with another word you already know in English. For example, the word 'responsibility' – try to relate it in a sentence you can remember: my responsibility at work is to serve customers.

3. Relate new vocabulary with images

When you have written the new vocabulary in a diary or app, the next step is to connect the sound of each word with its meaning. The best option is to relate the word to an image because a strong image stays in your mind for a long time.

How to do it? A good option is to relate the meaning of the word to the image of an object or an action. For example, with the word 'newborn', you can imagine an object that is new – and used by a baby, like a pacifier in its original package/box.

4. Use the new vocabulary actively and remember it always

The more you remember something, the longer it will remain in your mind. Try to use the new vocabulary as often as you can, try to use it in different ways.

How to do it? Include the new words in different phrases. For example, when you are walking to your apartment, the subway station or when you are at a traffic light, remember the word and create a dialogue with it.

Another way to practice that word is to tell your friends about it and use it to make descriptions. You can even practice it when you make language exchanges online.

If you want to improve and increase your vocabulary in English it is necessary, that you have learning tools. Use an app on your mobile to learn English. Use memory cards. Record yourself speaking the word in a sentence – and listen to it every day for a few weeks until you can remember how to use it.