Why Study in Canada? The Best Reasons to Study a Bachelor, Masters or PHD Degree in Canada

Can I Study in Canada?

University in Canada

Universities in Canada are internationally recognized for their quality in education, Canada is the country of the G8 group that invests more in teaching than any other.

The diplomas or degrees of Canadian universities are considered equivalent or superior to those of American universities and many other countries.
Universities offer a wide variety of courses and diplomas: Degrees, MBAs, Master’s and Doctorates; and in general, they have a more academic approach than the colleges, which tend to better address the needs of the students seeking more practical knowledge, smaller classes and more flexibility in admission.

How much?

From CAD 8000 per semester.

Why study at a university in Canada?

  • Teachers with high world recognition

  • Excellent facilities

  • Exchange programs and work connections through graduate students in previous years

  • Great job opportunities after obtaining your degree

  • Belonging to an important school

  • What are the requirements to study a degree in Canada (bachelor’s degree)?

  • Baccalaureate

  • High level of English, minimum (B2) or IELTS, TOEFL, as well as other official certificates.

  • The required score in English exams depends on the area of study: normally the medical and teaching areas require a higher level.

    Some universities allow the realization of a specific exam without any cost for the student made in our offices.

    What are the requirements to study a Postgraduate or master’s Degree?

  • Grade

  • High level of English, minimum (B2) or IELTS, TOEFL as well as other official certificates.

  • In case of not having finished your academic studies, there is the possibility of enrolling in a Postgraduate course and then a master’s program.

  • When do the courses start?

  • September and March

  • Some universities have 3 annual start dates

  • Registration must be sent at least 6 months beforehand.

    Some universities may have a semester or quarterly system.

    What qualifications can be obtained at a Canadian university?

  • Bachelor’s Degree - Degree: 4 years

  • Graduate Certificate - Postgraduate: 1 year

  • Graduate Diploma - Advanced Postgraduate: 2 years

  • Master’s Degree - Master: 1 - 2 years

  • Doctoral Degree (PhD) - Doctorate: 2 - 6 years

  • Can I work if I attend college?

    Yes, the student visa allows work if you attend a university.

    Can I stay in Canada after finishing college?

    After finishing the course, you are doing in a university, you can apply for a Post-Graduation Work Visa. This visa allows you to stay in the country for some time in which you can work full time.

    It is a very good opportunity to put into practice the knowledge acquired and can be the gateway to a permanent stay in Canada.

    If the official duration of the course is:
  • Less than 8 months – it is not eligible for this visa.

  • Between 8 months and 2 years - the duration of this visa is equal to the duration of the study time.

  • Equal or superior to 2 years - the duration of this visa can reach 3 years.

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