Essay Natural Disasters - Government & Disaster Management

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Essay | Natural Disasters

The after effects of a natural disaster can be devastating for the area where it occurs. Unfortunately there are limitations to what can be done in anticipation of such an event; however, governments must have an effective and rapid response plan for dealing with the consequences of natural disasters.

Whether a particular geographical zone is susceptible to a certain type of natural disaster such as fire, flood, earthquake, tornados or even volcanic activity it is essential that governments inform and educate citizens regarding the preventative measures which can be implemented prior to such an event. These may be limited, such as keeping a supply of drinking water, food and blankets in a safe place within the home or shuttering windows and doors and taking refuge in the basement in the event of a tornado or hurricane. Clearly in the case of certain natural disasters such as earthquakes and tsunamis there is little that people can do to protect themselves or their property other than possibly evacuating the area in the event. However, there is much which can be done following the event to alleviate suffering and help the area recover.

Disaster management is now a well researched and documented field, and as such governments have an enormous body of data which can be analyzed and used to help create effective disaster management plans which take into account the anticipated events typically associated with certain natural disasters. Such disaster planning can help protect those impacted and also restore a degree of normality as rapidly as possible and aid in the long term recovery of the afflicted zone. Typically, this will include emergency medical resources, search and rescue services and the provision of shelter and emergency food rations and water for the victims. Rebuilding infrastructure and clearance of debris and suchlike are also normally a part of such planning.

While much depends on the type of disaster as to what might be done beforehand in order to protect people or mitigate the impact – following such an event there are clearly defined and essential steps governments must be able to implement rapidly and efficiently in order to deal with the consequences. Therefore, it is essential that governments not only prioritize that which can be done beforehand, but also ensure that disaster management resources are adequate and able to respond efficiently and effectively following a natural disaster.

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