People are Buying Fewer New Things and Buying More Second-Hand Things - Consumer Buying Habits Essay Question & Answer

IELTS Writing Test Task 2 Essay

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task. Write about the following topic:

In some countries, people are now buying fewer new things and buying more second-hand things instead. In your opinion, what are some possible reasons for this, and is this a positive or negative trend?

Include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

Write at least 250 words.

Purchasing Habits - Essay Answer

The fact that people are choosing to purchase pre-owned goods rather than spend money on new items could be attributed to various reasons, some of which are outlined below. However, overall this should be seen as a negative trend as many modern economies are built upon a foundation of consumerism.

In general, many people have been feeling the economic pinch in recent years, ever since the global financial crisis. It is therefore only natural that some people would prefer not to spend their hard-earned money on new items when they can purchase a suitable second hand model, for example, a car. There is also a greater awareness of the dangers associated with mass consumerism, such as increased pollution, personal debt, and the fact that simply consuming more does not make people feel any happier in the long term. Therefore it could be said that this trend is a good thing as it indicates greater awareness by the population regarding several important issues in modern society.

However, unfortunately, most developed economies rely heavily, sometimes exclusively on consumption by people in order to produce income and support employment. Many such countries have lost their traditional manufacturing base and outsourced many service functions which means that it is essential that people continue to consume, and at sufficient levels, in order to avoid an economic collapse of the current model. Sadly, therefore, living more frugally and in a greener manner while actually being good for the environment is actually bad for nations in economic terms because of the way their economies have been developed.

Overall, it should be considered as a good thing; however, with the caveat that some people opting to buy fewer second hand items is positive, but if too many people follow suit, it may have a disastrous long-term economic impact for the economies of those countries which depend on consumerism to survive.

What are the current trends in purchasing habits in your country?

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