IELTS Writing Test Academic

IELTS Writing Test Academic Task 1

When you have to describe a graph, table or chart as part of the IELTS Writing test, think carefully about what you need to include in your description. You don't need to describe every detail of the information. Choose the most important and interesting features to include in your answer.

Support your description with figures, but you don't need to give all the numbers exactly. You can be approximate by using words like: just over, just under, about, almost, a little over, a little less than, and around.

    - Read the title of the graph, table or chart carefully
    - Examine the two axes of the graph
    - Look at what each shows, and how each one is divided
    - Examine the information shown in the table or chart
    - How is the information organised?
    - Identify the main and most interesting features
    - Organise your answer based on these
    - Divide your answer into paragraphs, corresponding to the main features
    - Refer to your notes as you write your answer
    - Add some details (figures) to support each main feature
    - Try to link your ideas using linking words or phrases such as: on the other hand, while, in addition, however to join your ideas.
    - Finally, check your answer - is your grammar, spelling and punctuation correct?

Remember ... you do not need to write a conclusion, try to explain the graph/table/chart or give your personal opinion about the content ... only "summarize the information by selecting and reporting the main features and make comparisons where relevant."