What Kind of Clothes Do You Like to Wear? Where Do You Buy Clothes? IELTS Speaking Questions & Answers

describe the type of clothes you like to wear IELTS Speaking topic question

Describe the type of clothes you like to wear.

You should say:
  • Where do you buy clothes?
  • How often do you go to buy clothes?
  • How do you choose clothes?
and say if you like/dislike buying clothes.

Sample Answer

If I had to describe the style or type of clothes that I prefer to wear, it would be – comfortable – that’s more important than anything else for me. Given the opportunity I’m happy to just put on a pair of jeans and a T-shirt or something similar. Obviously, when it’s appropriate or required, then something more formal, but even then it has to be comfortable.

I don’t really have a favorite store or place where I buy my clothes; it depends on where I find something that I like. It can vary a lot. Sometime I see something I like when I’m in a shopping mall and just buy it and other times maybe while I’m in a supermarket, if they have a clothes department, I have a quick look and see if there’s anything that catches my eye. The internet can be good sometimes as well, if you can be sure that it will fit you and you know the brand – it can save you a lot of time, and sometimes money too.

I don’t really buy clothes that often. Maybe every three or four months or so; it depends on what I need. I’m not a great fan of clothes shopping as an activity – I never seem to find anything I like if I set out to look for something specific. I usually end up buying clothes when I’m looking for something else.

Generally, I choose my clothes depending on their function. If it’s just something casual then I generally like plain colors; black, blue, grey or something similar. I don’t really like patterns or checks or things like that, and I can’t be bothered coordinating everything to match, so it’s a lot easier if everything goes together…it’s simpler that way. As I said before, comfort comes before anything else. Fashionable clothes aren’t so important but they should be stylish. I guess you could say I’m quite conservative. I don’t really spend that much time or money on clothes, the price isn’t really a consideration if I see something I like - I usually buy it, irrespective of the price.

So, I tend to approach it like buying food or anything else. If I need it then I buy it because it’s necessary. I know some people are really into shopping for clothes, and can spend hours or even a whole afternoon looking in stores and stuff, but not me. I prefer to spend my time on other things - after all - you wear the clothes for a while and then you buy other ones – they’re not really that important… are they?

How would you answer IELTS speaking questions about clothes?

  • What kind of clothes do you prefer to wear?

  • Where do like to shop for clothes?

  • Are clothes important for you?

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    2. What are your favourite clothes? What's important for you when choosing clothes? How do you like to shop for clothes? Do you prefer markets, large malls or online?


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