Lifestyle Vocabulary | Speaking English

English Speaking | Things you can say about Lifestyle

  • A person's lifestyle (the way they live) typically shows their attitudes, values or view of the world.
  • Most people refer to 'lifestyle' when they talk about eating habits and daily activities.
  • Many people are encouraged to have a 'healthy lifestyle'.
  • A healthy lifestyle means eating well, exercising and not developing bad habits such as smoking.
  • Governments and other groups spend a lot of money on promoting a healthy lifestyle.
  • Lots of factors may influence lifestyle: religion, culture, where you were born, your parents, what you like or dislike, things you are interested in, your health and the food you eat.
  • If parents lead a healthy lifestyle, it is more likely that their children will also have healthy lifestyles.
  • Your social environment can affect your lifestyle.
  • Low income families are more likely to have unhealthy lifestyles, sometimes caused by stress and depression related to poverty.
  • The place and conditions in which you live and work, and your income level, community and religious beliefs can all play a part in the lifestyle you lead.
  • Technology has had the largest impact on lifestyles in recent years, it has made life easier for many people.
  • Our lifestyles are now less vigorous (active) than before, this has resulted in poorer levels of health in some cases.
  • Americans have a very sedentary lifestyle compared to many other countries, thanks to technology.

Think about these questions:

    Do you think people work too much nowadays?
    What is your idea of a perfect day?
    What kind of activities do like to do to relax?
    How would you describe your attitude to life?

Lifestyle is self-expression

Leisure activity isn't just for fun. These activities or hobbies sometimes satisfy needs that people have. Some activities which are very different have the same affect on different people.

Hobbies such as acting and playing sports, although entirely different, can make people feel part of a group and give then an intense sense of belonging. Some activities provide a strong sense of competition such as card, video and computer games which people become very competitive about, even more competitive than people playing sports, according to experts.

Many people have jobs, or do work, that they don't really like or that doesn't satisfy them. this is one reason why people value their leisure time so much and it is such a critical aspect of their lifestyle.

Economic experts can tell us how much money people spend on various activities such as sailing, scuba diving, skiing and other leisure time activities but it is not so easy to explain why these activities appeal to people in different ways.

Psychologists consider that many leisure activities are a form of self-expression which give the individual an opportunity to express an aspect of their own personality through participating in an activity which is different from their normal daily routine.