Describe a Garden, Park, Peaceful Place | IELTS Speaking Test Questions and Answers

IELTS speaking - a garden, peaceful place

Describe a garden that you have visited and liked.
You should say:

  • where it was
  • what it looked like
  • what people did (or, were doing) there
and explain why you liked it.

Part 2 and Part 3 IELTS speaking test sample answers

I'd like to talk about the garden in my hometown. It's in the center of the city and is very big. Many people like going there at the weekends especially to spend time with their families and enjoy the atmosphere.

There are lots of palm trees and different bushes and flowers arranged in various places around and in the gardens, like I said the gardens are large so there is a lot space. There are also some play things for children, swings, a roundaboout, a chute to slide down, and some climbing equipment where they can climb on tires, nets and ladders and stuff like that.

The last time I went there was on Sunday afternoon, I went with some friends and we sat and drank a couple of beers at one of the cafes there. As we were watching all the people enjoying themselves there were some street artists painting in chalk on the sidewalk and also a group of circus clowns performing for the children who were watching them.

It was a very lively place and there were lots of things to see and do. One of my friends who doesn't live here thought that it was wonderful, she had never seen anything like it before because she comes from a very small village in the country and the park or garden they have there is very small apparently.

I like going to this garden to read sometimes, during the week, when it's a lot quieter. The weekends are always very busy with a lot of families and children. It's more of a fun place at the weekends, but during the week it's nice and peaceful.

Part 3 IELTS Questions About Public Gardens - Sample Answers

Are public gardens very important in your country?

[positive response] Yes, they are. People like them a lot and they are very popular with children because there are usually some activities or play equipment they can enjoy when they are there, especially at the weekends. They are a social place and many families go there after lunch, they stroll around and maybe have an ice-cream or drink something before going back home.

[negative response] No, not really. I think they were more important in the past when families spent the more time together. But nowadays a lot of the younger people like to play computer games or do other activities rather than go to the park or garden with their family.

Are there many public gardens in your country?

Yes, there are. Normally each city and town has a large public garden, usually near the center and they are usually quite large with lots of trees, bushes, plants and flowers.

Do you think there are enough public gardens in your hometown?

We have one large public garden in the centre of where I live, but there are also some smaller parks and gardens in other areas nearby in the suburbs, so yes, I think there are enough for the size of my town.

What do you think are the functions of public gardens in cities?

They provide a place for people to go and relax, see nature and see something different from the buildings and the hustle and bustle of the traffic and people on the streets. Whenever I go to the public gardens I see people realxing, reading, listening to music, riding their bikes or just sitting and chatting with friends, so I guess you could say they are a social place as well.

They also serve to enrich the environment of a town or city. Normally there are a lot of trees and plants in a wide open space so it is good for the air and helping to create oxygen in the atmosphere.

What do you think are the benefits of having gardens in the city?

They offer a change of scenery for the inhabitants. It's a chance to see some nature rather than just concrete buildings. A park or garden can be a relaxing place unlike the streets which are usually very busy with people and cars, buses and taxis. They can be a place to meet, or in some case to sit and eat or drink something with your friends. There are many different activities you can do and it makes a nice change from the rest of the city.

Why do people who live in cities like public gardens?

Sample Answer
Probably because they are generally nice places to spend some time. They are more relaxing than the streets, it's nice to see some greenery and enjoy the different smells from the trees, flowers and bushes. Some people like to sit and read or eat and drink something in the park at one of the cafes or kiosks while they are with their friends. It's an alternative to meeting in a bar or restaurant and in the summer it can be much nicer than being indoors.

What effects do green places such as public gardens in the cities have?

They can have a very relaxing effect on people. Being in touch with nature, the trees and flowers and in my hometown there's also a river which runs through the public garden, so it's a nice place to experience a change of scenery and enjoy some really fresh air.

Another positive effect is that the open space and greenery help to contribute to keeping the air cleaner for the whole of the city so that's a good thing too. The presence of trees especially help to provide oxygen for the atmosphere and also to reduce the level of noise in the surrounding areas so parks or gardens can actually help with noise pollution.

Very often, public gardens are not designed in a simple way but, instead, are laid out in a rather complex way. Why do you think this is the case?

One reason might be simply due to the space available in the city or town, so the planners or designers make the most of the free space there is. Another reason why the layout may seem complex is to make the park or garden seem bigger for people walking through it. For example, instead of simply walking in a straight line, if the path twists and turns then people will spend more time in the park or garden even though it's the same overall size. It might be specially designed to make a small space seem mugh bigger.

Do you think governments should provide public gardens for people to visit?

Yes, absolutely, I think they are essential for people who live in cities or towns. For some of them it's the only chance they regularly get to see any greenery. They probably spend most of the year in the city working and only get opportunity to see the countryside when they are on vacation. So it's important that they can escape from the traffic and noise of the city sometimes and enjoy the natural surroundings of a park or garden in the city.

Do you think the government should spend more money on public gardens for the cities or for the villages and small towns in the countryside?

They should spend more on public gardens in cities because people living in small towns or villages in the countryside are much closer to the open space and mountains than people who live in the city. The need for natural spaces in the large cities is much greater for many reasons such as providing a place for people to relax and enjoy nature, for purifying the air and reducing noise levels and allowing people to have a change of secenery and pace of life while visiting the garden or park.

How would you answer these IELTS speaking test questions about gardens?