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How can I get a high score on TOEFL independent speaking task?

One method is to approach your answer in the same as you would plan a short essay. In the TOEFL independent speaking test you only have between 45-60 seconds to give a complete response, so plan your answer to include:

An introduction | answer the question in the task directly. Clearly explain your opinion, point of view, if you agree/disagree, your preference, and clearly state what you are going to say.

The main body | give reasons, examples, evidence, details and other information to support your answer.

A conclusion/summary | conclude, summarize, restate your answer in a sentence or two.

Click the link below to download a collection of TOEFL independent speaking tasks with sample answers.

Download TOEFL iBT Speaking Topics with Answers PDF

TOEFL Independent Speaking Task 1

Describe something that you do to reduce stress. Explain why it is helpful. Include details and examples to support your answer.

Sample Answer

I find that reading helps to relieve stress, there are various reasons why it helps me.
When I read, usually a book, it allows me escape into another world, a world of ideas, and I can forget about any worries I may have.

I like reading, because it’s an activity I can do alone, it’s a solitary activity, and I feel calm and relaxed while I’m reading.

Normally while I’m reading I like to be comfortable, so I usually sit in a comfy chair or lay on my bed. This gives my body an opportunity to rest and relax as well.

Reading, for me, is like escaping to a different place. My books are like good friends that accompany me and I find that reading is very effective for alleviating any stress I might be feeling.

Analysis of a high score TOEFL independent speaking answer

This is a high score TOEFL independent speaking answer because:
    ✓ It fully answers the question
    ✓ It is grammatically correct
    ✓ It uses clear and varied vocabulary
    ✓ It answers the question directly, it’s relevant and focused, it doesn’t talk about any other topic
    ✓ It has a logical flow: introduction – main body - summary
    ✓ It gives reasons, examples and supporting information
    ✓ The final summary restates and reinforces the speaker’s response
    ✓ It clearly shows that the speaker understands the question