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English Vocabulary Quiz: Town and Country Vocabulary

This quiz is suitable for testing English vocabulary for IELTS, TOEFL, CAE, FCE and other international English proficiency exams.

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For almost eight years now I have lived in Alpha City, a metropoliscosmopolitanlarge with over 20 million people living there. Like many other large cities, Alpha City is a melting potmetropoliscosmopolitan city, where people from many different places around the world come to live and work together.

While I have been here I have enjoyed the inner-cityurbanrural lifestyle and taken advantage of the excellentamenitiesatmoshperenightlife , ranging from superb shopping to some of the finest restaurants in this part of the world. At weekends or in the evenings there are alwayscultural eventspartiestourist attractions ; with an amazing diversity of attractions such as classical western music, art exhibitions and street theater, it is not easy to be bored for long because there is always something interesting happening.

There is a very efficient transportplanningoverviewsystem , with good roads and a speedy and efficient bus system as well as a state-of-the-art underground metro system which can takebusiness peoplehabitantscommuters from the suburbs directly into the center of the city. This is especially important because the government has banned private vehicles from entering thecentral business districthigh streetcentral park during the morning and evening rush hourstimespeak traffic so as to decreaserubbishcongestionpollution on the roads and alsoemissionspollutionproblems from vehicle exhausts.

Obviously, there are also some disadvantages to living in a very large city like this. For one thing, thehousingblocks of flatsamenities can be very expensive - renting an apartment, for example, can cost a lot of money. Currently, the city is experiencing even more growth and there are manybuilding siteshousing estatespublic housing where new apartment blocks are being constructed in order to deal with theinner-city crimepeople explosionpopulation growth which most people believe is a direct consequence of the government policies encouraging people to have bigger families.

Fortunately, Alpha City does not have many of the common problems that are associated with many other large cities such asdrug abuseoverpopulationinner-city crime , which is partly thanks to the government and their policy of imposing very severe financial penalties on people trafficking narcotics and other such illegal activities. It is a very safe city and in fact, thepovertyurban sprawlhousing estates here are possibly some of the safest and trouble free in the world.

Alpha City would not be perfect for everyone though, especially if you are more used to living in the countryside and are accustomed to acountrysideruralsuburban lifestyle. The old traditional villages that used to be common have almost all disappeared as their residents began to believe that there was noprospecthopingcrops for the future and took the decision to move into new housing in the city, provided by the government. These days, there is not muchproductive landcropsacres in the surrounding areas, which means that Alpha City imports a great deal of its food. And in spite of a ‘green’ policy towards city planning, thegreenbelturban sprawlarable land which has spread into the neighboring countryside has certainly had a negative effect on theenvironmentpollutionmigration .

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