IELTS challenge #5

IELTS workout of the day (WOD)#5 Today’s topic | The Media

1. How many different types of media can you think of in 1 minute?

2. Brainstorm as many verbs or phrases associated with the media as you can in 1 minute.

3. Which is the most popular form of media for news in your country?
    - for adults
    - for young people
Is it different? Can you give two or three reasons why different ages prefer different media?

4. Prepositions: Here are some sentences related to the media. Each sentence contains a preposition. Decide if the preposition is the correct one or not in each case.
    Many people love commenting in social media pages.
    Satellite TV programs are broadcast all over the world.
    Most national newspapers are published in a daily basis.
    The man read the headlines on the newspaper.

5. Can you think of 5 adjectives commonly used to describe news stories.

6. Identify 5 sections which normally appear in a newspaper, news website or similar publication.

What kind of content would you expect to find in each section? Think of at least one example or a general description of each section.

7. Can you name 10 different types/categories of television program broadcast in your country?

8. The following are words or phrases commonly used when referring to TV or the news. What do they mean?
    - breaking news
    - prime time
    - on air
    - live coverage

9. What are the main differences between a broadsheet and a tabloid newspaper?

10. Social media: Choose two different forms of social media, for example, Facebook and Twitter. Make as many comparative statements as you can in 3 minutes. Try to use a different comparative structure for each statement.

Example: Twitter is not as popular as Facebook.


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