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English First Standardized English Test free online English Test
English study programs and EFSET evaluation

EFSET | a game changer for IELTS & TOEFL and other leading English language tests

EF Education First will launch its FREE EF Standard English Test (EFSET) on September 30, 2014. The new Standard English Test from English First Education will be the first FREE standardized test of English in the world.

Every year millions of people worldwide sit various English language tests and English study programs in order to prove their level of proficiency or competency in the English language. This may be as part of their university career, study abroad opportunities, career advancement or for immigration purposes.

Current internationally recognized English language tests cost around USD $300 for each exam and are administered in regional and local exam centers according to a published exam schedule. Many people who take such tests have to travel to another city or even another country in order to present the test.

EFSET is a game changer and will impact heavily the two billion or so English language learners worldwide as it provides the means to evaluate their level of proficiency in English without any cost. What’s more, they will be able to access EFSET online at any time without having to travel or book a place for the exam. Currently, there is no other high quality standardized English language assessment test which offers such flexibility.

Organizations such as English study programs, schools, colleges, universities and government agencies will also be able to benefit from EFSET to implement English language testing on a large scale which was not possible before due to the costs involved. EF aim to partner with organizations and institutions interested in adopting EFSET as a formal English language evaluation tool.

EFSET will not only be available online and without cost, it will also be the first standardized English language test which makes use of Computer Adaptive Multi-Stage testing, adjusting the level of difficulty of test content presented to test takers in real time based on the responses of the test taker. This will allow the EFSET to provide more accurate results across all levels of English proficiency for test takers.

EFSET results are on a scale of 0 – 100 and reflect levels of competency according to the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) the world’s current leading language assessment standard.

This move by EF presents various challenges to the long established English language testing landscape and quite clearly empowers the test taker rather than the test maker as learners will be able to evaluate their level of English anywhere, anytime and without cost.

EFSET has been developed in partnership with experts in language evaluation, psychometrics and large-scale testing with extensive experience designing and developing top-level certification tests.