Describe a trip you would like to go on with a friend | IELTS Speaking Test Part 2 Cue Card Topic Question

IELTS Speaking | Part 2 Topic Question | Describe a trip

Describe a trip you would like to go on with a friend [or friends].

You should say:
  • who you would like to travel with
  • where you would go [or: where you would like to go.]
  • how you would go there
and explain why you would choose to travel with this person.

IELTS Speaking Answer | A trip you would like to go on with a friend

I’d really like to go on a trip to Europe and see all the major cities and attractions there. I’d probably go with my best friend because she’s really a lot of fun and I enjoy spending time with her so I think she would be a good traveling companion - actually I know she is - because we’ve already been on a few trips together.

As far as the particular destinations I’d like to visit, I would love to include Paris, Rome, Madrid, London and maybe some places in Eastern Europe as well. Maybe spend a couple of days or longer in each city, you know, see the sights, visit some of the local tourist attractions and places of interest, and then move on to another city.

It might be a nice idea to travel by train or bus between each city rather than flying because I think it would be more interesting travelling through each country rather than just flying from one airport to another. You get a better sense of a place when you see more of it – and it’d be nice to see some of the countryside as well as the capital cities. I don’t know if there’s a European bus tour or something like that you can book, or maybe we’d have to organize it independently and arrange everything by ourselves.

I’d want to go with my best friend because I know we’d enjoy ourselves. She’s very similar to me in that she likes the same kinds of things and she has a similar temperament so I know we’d get on and we’d be okay sharing a hotel room and traveling together and that sort of thing – I don’t think we’d fall out or have any arguments about the sorts of places we’d like to see or visit or the things we do while we’re on the trip.

IELTS speaking cue card | describe a trip you would like to go on with a friend

  • How would you answer this IELTS speaking question?
  • Which destination would you choose?
  • Who would be your traveling companion[s]?