70 Essential Sentences for Academic Writing | IELTS Band 9 level | Download PDF

IELTS Writing Test | Essential sentences for IELTS writing

Want to improve your IELTS writing instantly?

Learn to use some of the essential English sentences used by native English writers in academic writing. Here’s a list of 70 key sentence structures which you can use, especially in IELTS task 2 Essay writing, to instantly improve the quality and organisation of your writing in IELTS.

You don’t need to learn all the sentences (if you don’t have much time before your IELTS Writing Test) – pick the sentences you think you can apply most frequently to some of the IELTS essay topics, and for presenting arguments, opinions, contradicting, etc.

Then, practice using these essential academic writing sentences and see your IELTS writing band score increase quickly. Use them to describe data/information in graphs, charts, tables, diagrams and for introducing and organizing opinions, arguments, counter-arguments, conclusions and summarizing in Task 2 IELTS Essay questions.