A Public Event / Meeting you Attended | IELTS Speaking Questions & Answers

Talk about a public event/meeting you attended.

You should say:
  • What was the event and when was it?
  • With whom did you go to the event?
  • Why was this public event so important?
and say what you thought about it.

This is an example of a Part 2 topic question (Cue Card) from an IELTS speaking test in the USA recently.

IELTS test-takers are given 1 minute to plan their response and are then invited to speak about the topic for 1 to 2 minutes.

IELTS speaking Tips

It's important to address all the points in the Cue Card. If you don't, your answer will be graded as incomplete and this will affect your overall score. It's also important to speak for at least 1 minute, but being able to extend your talk to 2 minutes is the optimal way to maximize your IELTS speaking score.

Sample Answer - Describe a public event/meeting you attended

About 3 months ago my neighbour invited me to go to a meeting at our local town hall. It was arranged by the local community council so that the residents could voice their opinions about a proposed plan to build a new sports complex in the area.

There were about 250 (two hundred and fifty) people who attended in total … representatives from the local government… as well as people from the local community.

It was interesting because lots of people had very different views on the subject – some thought it would be a good idea and others were totally against it.

Some people were concerned that the process of construction would interfere with their lives and create problems with traffic and things like that – others thought that the money budgeted for the project should be spent on improving other services such as the local health centre or educational services rather than providing more sports facilities.

They argued that since the town already has various soccer fields, tennis courts and a swimming pool there really wasn’t a need to provide even more sports facilities that only a small proportion of the community would ever use … whereas spending the money on health services or education would benefit almost everybody in the community.

Anyway… that was their basic argument against it. The people in favour of the project thought it was a good idea because it would provide a place for young people to go … rather than hanging around on the streets. … Someone also argued that if people did more sport or exercise than they would in fact probably be more healthy … and that… in the long tem - would be a benefit as they wouldn’t require the use of health services so often.

The event was important … I guess … because it allowed everyone in the community who was interested - to discuss the proposed project and give their views and also ask questions directly to the people involved … you know … to the architects and representatives from the different government departments that would be involved … people like that.

I’m sure that the people from the local government will have a lot to think about now –
having heard so many people speak out against the project. I think it’s important that the people responsible take into account the views of the people who will ultimately be using the facilities or not – but they will all be paying for it through their taxes.

Have you ever been to a public event/meeting?

How would you answer this IELTS speaking question?
  • What kind of public event did you attend?
  • What made you decide to attend this particular public event?
  • Did you enjoy it - was it a good experience?

Sometimes the wording of this IELTS cue card is slightly different and may include variations such as: describe a local event you attended in your hometown, describe a local event you attended in your community, describe a sports event that you watched, describe a musical event you attended, describe an exciting public event you attended.