Prepositions to Describe Statistics | at, from, to, between, over | English Grammar

Prepositions to describe statistics

at - used to indicate a location or position, as in time, on a scale, or in order:


    at the beginning; at 3pm; at age 35; at the finish; at the highest point.
    In June Sales of XYZ product were at $45,000
    Unemployment remained steady at 1.6 million at the end of the year.
    The number of visitors peaked at 2,000 in the middle of the month.

from - used to specify a starting point in an expression of limits:


    Sales rose from 25,000 to 50,000 last year.
    There was an increase from 1.6 million to 2.0 million in the unemployment rate.

between - intermediate to, in time, quantity, or degree:


    between eight and nine o'clock; between 20 and 35 people; between black and grey.
    Between January and March there was a dramatic increase in website visitors.
    There was a decrease in the number of people working between the middle of the year and the end of the year.

over - during; through, or throughout (a period of time):


    Over the next three months the level of interest decreased.
    There was steady growth over a three-month period.