People living in the 21st century enjoy a better quality of life than in previous centuries. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

IELTS writing test Task 2 essay question

Sample Answer

Nowadays, it can be said that the quality of life, in general, has improved since previous generations. However, while I agree with this in general, quality of life is a subjective term and not all people can claim to enjoy a better quality of life.

Many people, especially in developed countries, enjoy greater choice and diversity in life now. Most young people have opportunities in education and work that were not possible in the last century. Greater flexibility, the process of globalization and technology, to some degree, have all contributed to a more dynamic and engaging life.

However, there are still many people in poorer countries and regions of the world where such an improvement in the quality of life has not transpired. Many still struggle to meet basic needs of food, shelter, and basic education of children. In large part, globalization and the opportunities technology have offered have not driven the same degree of improvement as experienced in most developed regions.

Also, while life may appear easier for some people, and opportunities may abound, it is generally accepted that people now live with a greater level of stress in their everyday lives, as the traditional boundaries between work and private life have become somewhat blurred. Many people suffer from exhaustion due to the frantic pace and complexity of modern life, and this leads to a series of related problems such as stress, social divide and greater economic disparity. There is also an increased disconnect between families, and in many areas, the sense of traditional community has been lost due to the fragmentation of families and increased mobility of young people.

On the whole, the quality of life may have improved, on a superficial level, for some populations. However, there are new social problems emerging which could be argued actually make the quality of life inferior to that enjoyed by people in the past.