Essay | 18 is the Right Age to Start Driving

Essay 18 is considered the right age to start driving

Essay | In many countries eighteen is considered the right age to start driving a car

The minimum legal age of eighteen for drivers has been long established in many countries. While there may be some people who believe that raising the minimum legal age for drivers to twenty-five would be preferable, there is little evidence to show that such a change would bring any serious benefits.

Firstly, a young adult of eighteen normally has the right to vote and do most things in their society, such as get married, enlist in the military, and so on. It would therefore seem implausible to ask young people to wait until they become twenty-five to begin driving as this would hinder their employment prospects and general mobility. There would also be an economic impact in terms of the delayed entry into the automotive product market, such as automobile purchase, fuel, and vehicle insurance, among others, which would adversely affect many companies.

Secondly, there is no substantive evidence to prove that a novice twenty-five year old driver is any safer than a novice eighteen year old driver. It would therefore not make any sense to prohibit those younger than twenty-five from driving. There is also the argument that if an eighteen year old is not considered to be responsible enough to drive, then by default they should not be able to ride a motorcycle or operate dangerous machinery in the workplace, which again would, in certain cases, curtail employment prospects and mobility of young people. Additionally, there are other family members who might rely on their younger family members to transport them to various destinations, and if this is not available then it also impacts on these other family members in an adverse manner.

Overall, the lack of evidence to support such a change in existing law makes the idea somewhat impractical, as it would then lead to debating if the minimum age were increased to thirty years old then drivers would be even safer, which most people would consider simply ridiculous.

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