More Students are Moving to Other Countries to Study

Essay | More and more students are deciding to move to a different country for higher education studies

The growing trend of students choosing to pursue higher education abroad is not surprising given the current trend of globalisation. As with most aspects of a globalised world, this generally offers greater advantages than any adverse impact.

Not surprisingly, many students opt to pursue their undergraduate or postgraduate degree programs in a foreign country for various reasons, be it for cultural diversity, availability of specialist knowledge or prestige of the school offering the program. Clearly this has an impact on the domestic education market, as fewer students attend university in their own countries. However, as many universities are now undergoing transition to providing greater course content online and offering distance learning opportunities, it could be said that the impact of students moving abroad to pursue their chosen course of study is minimal and far outweighed by the benefits of them choosing to do so.

The clear and obvious advantage to studying abroad for a student is the experience it brings in terms of not only dealing with a foreign culture but also engaging with other students from around the world and different backgrounds. Studying abroad may also offer the opportunity to develop foreign language skills and learn new ways of doing things, all of which would be considered as benefits to the students. This wider educational and life experience obtained while abroad is a valuable asset for domestic companies if the student eventually returns home to seek employment.

It is undeniable that studying abroad helps make the student an all round better individual and depending on their field of study may endow them with knowledge not available in their home country. Overall, as markets and culture become ever more globalised, it would seem that more students choosing to study abroad is a natural consequence and one that is necessary to satisfy the demands of the current global employment market.

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