Common Grammar Mistakes | gerund or infinitive after allow, advise, make suggest?

Gerund or infinitive after verbs

My school does not allow us taking holidays during term. [incorrect]
My school does not allow us to take holidays daring term. [correct]

Our teacher suggested me to buy a good dictionary. [incorrect]
Our teacher suggested I buy a good dictionary. [correct]

Some verbs are followed by -ing if there is no object and by to + infinitive if there is a direct object - advise, allow, forbid, permit:

The teacher allowed talking as long as it was in English. (no direct object)
The teacher allowed us to talk as long as it was in English. (us is the direct object)

Make is followed by the infinitive without to:

My boss made me wear a horrible uniform. (not made me to wear)

Note that the direct object must come between the verb and the infinitive:

She allowed her dog to sit in the front of her car. (not She allowed to sit her dog)

In the passive, these verbs are followed by to + infinitive: be advised, be allowed, be forbidden, be made, be permitted:

I was advised to contact my travel agent as soon as the plane landed.
Mary was made to swallow a large dose of medicine by the nurse.

Suggest can be followed by -ing without a direct object:
John suggested going to a movie.

If there is a direct object, you can use the infinitive without to, or a that clause:
John suggested we go to a movie. or: John suggested that we go to a movie.

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