Describe an interesting public place in your hometown or city that you would like to visit

IELTS Speaking Part 2 Question | An interesting Public Place

Describe an interesting public place in your hometown or city that you would like to visit.
You should say:
  • what place this is
  • who usually goes there
  • why people go there
and explain why you think it would be an interesting place to visit.

IELTS speaking answer Part 2 Topic Talk | Describe an interesting public place

Okay, so one of the most famous buildings here in Rome, the Colosseum. Most people probably know it from movies like Gladiator. It’s also called the Flavian Amphitheatre and it’s located in the centre of the city.

It’s a very large and old building constructed in an elliptical shape. I think historians estimated that up to 80,000 people could attend events there in the past – so it’s still the biggest amphitheatre in the world. You can actually see an image of the Colosseum on one of the Euro coins, the five cent coin.

It used to be used for sporting events, gladiator fighting and other public spectacles but today it’s a tourist attraction, one of the biggest here in Rome. It’s actually a UNESCO listed building which means that it’s protected as part of the national and world heritage.

Every year many people, thousands of them, from all over the world visit the Colosseum when they are in Rome. There is a museum there which tells the history of the building and how it was developed and used over the centuries and you can walk through the passageways which are underground, that’s where they used to keep the wild animals and where the gladiators prepared themselves before their shows.

Nowadays, there aren’t many shows or events held inside the building because there isn’t enough space for large audiences like in the past. But there are sometimes smaller events with a few hundred people. Larger shows or spectacles are more common in the area outside and in front of the building and there heave been some famous musicians who have played concerts in front of the Colosseum. It’s also used sometimes by the church for special occasion and ceremonies.

I think that there are probably more tourists than locals who visit this building every year although we love it and are very proud of its history and how famous it is in the world. I'd like to go and visit it again because the last time I did, I was only a small boy and I'd like to see it again now because I think I would appreciate the hisotry of it more and the actual architecture and what was involved to construct such a large building all those years ago.

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